Archives and Hospitality in Feminist Praxis Part 2

Dunja Kukovec is a founding member of the four women collective Redmin(e)d. Her talk opens on the idea of collaboration. Kukovec poses a critique of the term arguing that rather than perceiving collaboration as a ‘one dimensionally good’ commodity it should be approached as a challenge. Perceiving it this way, collaborators can better manage expectations and produce different things within it as a form. Kukovec places the concept of safety at the heart of collaboration, which is enforced quite strictly within the collective to create an invisible dynamic and reduce stress. Safety is created through the ‘a priori belief that each of us did our best’ and through not dividing up labour in a heirarchical way. Instead members all work on concepts and execution depending on time and space. From this detailed lens on collaboration Kukovec diagnoses a time of apocalypse where things are so disintegrated that no ideology has real power.

Despite this situation patriarchy is also ‘somehow not over’ with women still under represented in positions of power. To Kukovec this is an opportunity, rather than participating in institutions, as they exist, she advocates a strategy of creating spaces with transformative potential, using outsider knowledge to build something from scratch in a different way. Redmin(e)d’s work is to try and trigger that space with every edition of their living archive being a process and continuation of ideas, an attempt to develop a new paradigm for thinking. In this she identifies friendship as a powerful political tool; the only inter-human relationship not regulated. Finally, in building from scratch Kukovec reveals the intention to rethink historical values, leaving only poetry intact. In this way the talk ends with a critique of enlightenment thinking, which brings with it a hierarchical value system. Kukovec instead asserts expertise and leadership must be rethought not as positions of power but in terms of responsibility and care.

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Archives and Hospitality in Feminist Praxis Part 2
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AW. 003
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Dunja Kukovec
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A talk given as part of the SCAN series on feminist praxis.
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Seventeen Belmont Street in Aberdeen
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Saturday, March 21, 2015
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Public Talk
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