Creative Practice

This recording documents a session facilitated by Alana Jelinek. Following on from her introduction of three key concepts she identifies in relation to the overall theme of the workshop, Jelinek asks participants to discuss the concepts in pairs and then present them to the group. The first concept up for discussion is the personal is political, this drew out thoughts from Mabadi around the choice to define practice as feminist or not, teasing out the inherent and attached politics of a practice. The discussion also encouraged Gausden to try to imagine a different more collaborative position for the critic that could be with the work as it unfolds. The second concept the group discuss, is hospitality, this takes in a consideration of how the borders of intimacy are negotiated, and where the balance of power lies between the guest and host. In line with this question of intimacy the conversation also moves with participants relating personal experiences, particularly O’Connor who is prompted to remember the women in her family as exemplary hosts and also to think about the subversive use of hospitality in mental health situations.

The final shared topic within the group was the question of expertise. There is weariness in the discussion around claiming expertise, which Clancy identifies as related to a consciousness around power dynamics. Thinking about expertise leads to a discussion where generalizations are made along gendered lines. Besides thinking about the tension between claiming expertise and maintaining a non heirarchical atmosphere the group also bond in rage over many tiny incidences when claims to expertise were used in dominating and unjust ways. Finally, Jelinek introduces the concept of safety to the group as an important feminist principle that informs her practice. The ability and confidence to take creative risks is bound up with this underlying concept of safety. From these four topics the conversation runs in many directions hitting on key notes that ignite it, with tea making proving to be one of the most emotive topics. To end Jelinek gathers the threads of discussion, expanding on her position in relations to ethics, feminisms and the margins.

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Creative practice development workshop, Dublin
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MW. 002
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Sioban Clancy, Caroline Gausden, Olga Golgulsia, Alana Jelinek, Sogol Mabadi, Niamh O Connor
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A private workshop session as part of a Creative Practice Development workshop organized by the Live Art Development Agency
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Create (National development agency for collaborative arts) Dublin
Audio Date: 
Saturday, September 13, 2014
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Private Group Conversation
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Mostly clear
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Zoom recording